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Precision Cutting


Calsak Plastics is well-known throughout the industry for its extremely tight tolerance and superior finish plastics cutting capabilities. We have perfected the science of cutting plastic materials with proprietary techniques that offer the best finish and reduced stress in the material. We can also cut special shapes and CNC router more demanding shapes and designs. Most customers take advantage of our cutting capabilities eliminating extra labor steps while gaining perfectly cut-to-size material.


Horizontal Panel Saw


Calsak Plastics has invested in automated cutting processes in order to save our customers time, reduce waste and lower overall costs. Precision cutting creates tight tolerances, pinpoint accuracy, and exceptional edge quality. Our equipment provides single sheet and volume cutting capabilities with all of our stocked plastic sheet. Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PVC, Foamboard, ACM, ABS are a few great options for custom cut orders. Inquire with your local sales representative about your next custom cut order!


Custom Reel Stock


Polycarbonate sheet is the material of choice for the Sign Industry. Sign Grade polycarbonate offers UV- resistant coating, impact strength and maintains durability even in the most extreme temperatures. We proudly support Sign Makers by offering cut-to-size polycarbonate panels for any sign cabinet with accurate custom cut lengths. Standard widths are 52”, 64”, 76” and 100”. Inquire with your local sale representative about you next custom cut polycarbonate sheet!




Custom Fabrication & Assembly



Calsak Plastics has a proven track record of producing high quality routed parts on time. The art of creating a routed smooth edge on multiple substrates requires precision, experience and proper equipment. Multi-axis CNC routers aid in producing complex shapes and designs with great dimensional stability. We can manage tight tolerances and intricate shapes with high repeatability due to our advanced technology and experienced machine operators. Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PETG, ABS, styrene and PVC are great materials for converting into custom parts. Inquire with your local representative for accepted File Formats and additional capabilities.




Drilling and tapping plastic is a common request among our customers. Calsak Plastics works closely with our premiere manufactures to help educate ourselves and our customers on best fabrication practices to consider when drilling plastic. Take the risk out of fabricating and let our expert operators to the drilling! Inquire with your local sales representative today about our drilling capabilities.

Assembly & Kitting Services


Calsak Plastics offers a single source solution for cost effective kitting and assembly. We understand the expansive needs of customers, therefore we are able to provide the best method of assembly for a low-cost investment with high quality results. Our assembly services include manual assembly, chemical bonding, welding, gluing and fastening. We are also able to supply our customers with kitted assemblies in specified packaging in order to provide our customers with their exact needs.

Polished Finish


Calsak fabrication team can produce flawless edge finishes with our polishing capabilities. Creating an optical clear edge on acrylic requires special skill. Acrylic is known for its clarity and light transmittance but due to its fragile make up, achieving optical clarity is dependent on the skill of the operator. At Calsak Plastics we have mastered multiple polishing techniques to ensure our customers remain repeat customers!


Cold Bending / Heat Bending


Cold bending is a great solution for creating curves and bends out of flat sheet stock. Many thermoplastic materials can be bent by hand or by using metal folding equipment. One of the benefits of cold bending plastic is the integrity of the sheet remains intact. Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PETG and PVC are all great material options for cold bending. Sheets thinner than 3/16” are best for cold bending applications. Heat bending is a popular process among our customers due to the low tooling costs, quick set up and uniform results. With heat bending, we are able to achieve multiple angles and configurations based on customer request. The heat bending process allows thermoplastic sheets to be re-molded or formed. Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PETG, ABS and PVC are great material options for heat bending.




Calsak Plastics offers thermoforming, this form of fabrication refers to the process of transforming a plastic sheeting into a 3-dimension shape by using heat, vacuum and pressure. Over the years we have found many advantages to thermoforming. Saving time and money, great for large parts and several parts. Thermoforming is also very efficient and we offer short lead times.



Recycling & Delivery


Recycling Programs


Calsak Plastics offers a closed-loop recycling system, in that, wherever possible, collected materials are processed and kept domestically and out of the landfills. Calsak Plastics Recycling primarily focuses on post-industrial plastic scrap. We offer balers, trailers, gaylords, and many other solutions to help made the recycling process as easy as possible. Some of the materials we specialize in are ABS, TPO, PC, HIPS, PETG, HIPS, PET, LDPE, PP, HDPE, HMW, and many more.


Packaging & Delivery


At Calsak Plastics we take pride in how our material is packaged and delivered. It is our job to ensure the delivery of your product is accurate, consolidated, protected, palletized and most importantly, on time! We understand the importance of communication and the impact our materials have on your business. At Calsak Plastics we are proud of our on time delivery rate and work diligently to stock materials based on our customers and market needs.  


Next-day and Same-Day delivery is the standard for all stocked materials. As we mentioned, we work best when our customers are successful! At every Calsak Plastics location we offer a same-day, next-day or scheduled pick-up option. With 7 warehouses across the country our local teams enjoy servicing and building further relationships with our customers from our pick-up counters. This is a great option for fast and reliable service!